lepow hismart[CES 2015] Want to check notifications on your phone without having to look at your phone? Well you can do that thanks to smartwatches, but what if you didn’t want to wear a smartwatch? What if you wanted something more functional that could do more than just tell you the time? What if you wanted a bag to house your other things in?


Well that’s where Lepow’s HiSmart Pack comes into play. Lepow has recently taken the wraps off the HiSmart Pack which is basically a convertible messenger bag/backpack that has been given a high-tech makeover. Embedded in the strap is a device that allows users to control their smartphone with.

It will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth and if you were to connect a headphone to the headphone jack, users will be able to answer calls via their backpack just by pressing a button. It will also allow your bag to vibrate whenever you receive a notification which might be handy in case you didn’t hear the ring or beep.

If you think those are rather barebones features, fret not because Lepow has announced they plan to launch a more complex model via an Indiegogo campaign later this year. That model will allow users to control music playback and maybe even gain some navigational features as well. That being said the HiSmart Pack is admittedly rather stylish and for the most part, no one would know there is tech wizardry hidden in it.

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