There have been countless reports over the past few weeks about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor. This chip is going to power most of the flagship devices due to be released in 2015. Qualcomm is reportedly facing overheating issues with this processor which might cause delays for smartphone manufacturers. It was rumored recently that LG may sue Qualcomm over these issues but the Korean company has released an official statement to set the record straight.

The controversy includes Samsung as well. When rumors about Snapdragon 810 overheating issues started circulating it was said that Samsung is going to switch to its own Exynos processors entirely for Galaxy S6.

Qualcomm didn’t say if it would make a drastic change to hold on to Samsung’s business but some media outlets reported that Qualcomm would provide Samsung with a modified version of Snapdragon 810.

That’s where the LG rumor came in. It was said that LG had made up its mind to sue Qualcomm if it provided a modified version of the chip to Samsung.

We now know though that there is no truth to those rumors. In a statement LG has confirmed that rumors regarding the company taking legal action against Qualcomm are “unfounded and a complete fabrication of the facts.” LG further adds that “we’re surprised it’s being taken seriously at all.”

One of the first Snapdragon 810 powered devices was shown off by LG at CES 2015. The company has also been quick to defend Qualcomm over recent and rather harsh reports about the alleged problems with Snapdragon 810.

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