It has been close to a quartet of a century that Nintendo sound designer and composer Kazumi Totaka has sneakily included a song into the Japanese firm’s video games on the quiet. This song comprises of a simple 19-note melody, where it is more commonly known as “Totaka’s Song”. It does not matter whether the tune is found in Mario Paint or Yoshi’s New Island, the important thing is, it has already made its way into various Nintendo titles, and more often than not would show up as an Easter Egg – which means a fair amount of effort is required. Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U would be the latest “victim”, so to speak, to receive Totaka’s Song.


Somewhat Awesome Games has a video that you can see above which claims that “Totaka’s Song” is secretly being sung by the game’s spectator Yoshis. These spectator Yoshis happen to be the same rotund dinosaurs that spend their time trackside on courses such as Donut Plains 3, Yoshi Circuit and Sweet Sweet Canyon. If you were to pull up to one of those Yoshis, your ears could very well be treated to a rendition of Totaka’s Song. It all makes plenty of sense, really, since Totaka also voices Yoshi in plenty of Nintendo games since time immemorial.

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