MediaTek_thumbAs it stands, quad-core chipsets are found in the majority of smartphones and tablets at the moment, although there are some that come with octa-core chipsets on board, such as the recently announced Samsung Galaxy A7. However the question is, do we really need all that power?


After all Apple has been getting by with creating mobile devices that are powered by dual-core chipsets, but perhaps to show off their tech prowess, word on the street has it that MediaTek is working on possible 10-core or 12-core processors. This is according to Chinese website MyDrivers who cites an insider who revealed that information to them.

Apparently development of these 10-12 core processors is pretty far along and that we could be looking at a possible release before the end of 2015. It is unclear as to whether these will be “true” 10-12 core processors, as in all 10-12 cores are being used at once, or if we could be looking at big.LITTLE technology where half the cores are used when more power is indeed, and the other half is meant for less intensive processes.

Like we said the question is do we really need that much power? After all if you’re just browsing the web or sending messages, does it really matter if your phone has a dual or 10-core chipset? In any case we suppose the advancement for the sake of technology is not a bad thing, but what say you?

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