Netflix has cemented its position as one of the best online video streaming services that also offers popular original content. The company has come under fire repeatedly for not being tough on users who use VPN in order to access the service from markets that are not yet supported. It was reported recently that Netflix has finally started blocking VPN users but the company has formally rubbished those reports during a roundtable meeting with the press at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

The online video streaming service is only available in a handful of markets but a lot of subscribers access it outside those markets by simply using VPNs. Similar services like Hulu have taken action against those users so it wouldn’t have surprised most people if Netflix started doing the same.

Neil Hunt, the chief product officer at Netflix, said during the roundtable that claims about VPN blocking are “categorically false.” Director of corporate communications and technology, Cliff Edwards, weighed in as well saying that “it’s a claim that’s false.”

An interesting tidbit to come out of this roundtable once the speculation had been put to rest was that Netflix is currently trying out a new user interface. Todd Yellin, the company’s head of product, said that the new interface will bring a more “app-like” experience on PC and improved imagery on the TV.

This new interface is currently being tested with a select few users and if its found to work Netflix will roll it out for all users at some point later this year.

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