smash brosMaking videos of your favorite games and sharing them on platforms like YouTube is a good way to help educate players about the game, or maybe even entice them to try the game for themselves. The good news is that if you’re an avid YouTuber and want to potentially try and make some extra cash on the side, Nintendo has recently launched the beta version of a new affiliate program.

This new affiliate program has been designed to share the advertising revenue made on YouTube with the creators of the video as well as Nintendo. Given that the videos you create will contain copyrighted material owned by Nintendo, we guess Nintendo thinks its fair that they get some of the money. Thankfully the split will be 60% to the creator, and 40% to Nintendo.

However if your channel is purely dedicated to Nintendo and its IPs, Nintendo will be willing to go as high as a 70-30 split instead. Payments will be made every two months after monthly viewing stats are counter and the money will be transferred to gamers via PayPal. Nintendo had previously asserted that since their IP exists in the videos, they felt that they were entitled to some of the ad revenue.

We can only imagine that some video creators might not be too pleased with the split, but we guess it’s better than having to constantly fight with Nintendo who might get YouTube to take some of your videos down due to copyright infringement. The Nintendo Creators Program will officially launch on the 27th of May.

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