Nobel-1-3d-printerAt the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas XYZprinting announced what it calls the most affordable and approachable high-resolution SLA 3D printer. SLA or stereolithography technology makes use of light to heat photosensitive resin which produces higher resolution print objects with complex geometry. This allows for an impressive print resolution of 25 microns.

Users do not need to go through a tricky and time consuming assembly process as the Novel 1.0 3D printer is plug and play. They just need to input a design and by pressing a few buttons send the print job on its way.

The Nobel 1.0 comes with a resin-filling system that can check levels automatically to ensure stable printing and also eliminating the need to add liquid resin again and again as the print job in underway. On the X/Y axis printing resolutions of this printer can reach 0.3mm (300 Microns) and 0.025mm (25 microns) on the Z axis, thus adding more detail to the print results.

The printer has an enclosed printing area which ensures safe use in both home and office environments, safeguarding users from high print temperatures and ensuring that printing byproducts are contained within the printing area.

XYZprinting will be showcasing the Nobel 1.0 at its booth which can be visited by CES attendees.

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