pacif-iJust when you thought that you would like to insulate your newborn from the world of consumer electronics, along comes something that is known as the Pacif-i. This happens to be a world’s first, or at least it is touted to be so by the manufacturer of the Pacif-i smart pacifier. Just how does this smart pacifier work? For starters, it will be able to keep track of the baby’s temperature through a sensor that has been specially embedded within the silicone teat, where it will then send out relevant information gathered to a corresponding smartphone app so that parents will be able to further monitor it.


Every single temperature reading will be time-stamped and plotted into a graph for easy viewing later on. Not only that, this particular smart pacifier will also boast of a proximity sensor that is capable of alerting parents should their precious little one wander outside a pre-determined range, or should the child happen to lose or misplace the object.

In fact, the English parent company Blue Maestro has been awarded a European Medical Device Class IIa license for the Pacif-i, so it ought to be safe enough for use by your little one. Pre-orders have already been open with a price of approximately $46, and shipping is tipped to happen some time in February.

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