protocol-zero-5[CES 2015] DeNA happens to be a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, and they have just launched Protocol Zero, which is an innovative stealth-shooter that will cater for the Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition which in turn, happens to be powered by Oculus technology. This is the very first immersive first person action game which has been released for Gear VR, and Protocol Zero would see players get thrown into an intense, heart-pumping 360° experience.


Those who are on the lookout for a demo version will be able to pick it up for free over on the Oculus Store that is exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Barry Dorf, vice president of partnerships and alliances at DeNA, shared, “Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition offers a thrilling experience of complete immersion and discovery in mobile games, and DeNA is excited to be amongst the first to tap into the device’s massive potential. We’ve designed Protocol Zero to exclusively leverage the Note 4 and Oculus technology behind the Gear VR, including the smooth 360° scanning and movement around environments, use of hi-tech military optics, suspenseful action, and a point-to-point tactical gameplay experience.”

Players interested in Protocol Zero will need to make use of the Samsung Gamepad or an Android game controller in order to control game capabilities, apart from having the Gear VR’s integrated touchpad and tracking sensors.

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