The world of robots is an interesting one, and you can be sure that in due time, there will be more and more models of robots that make their way into our world. In fact, this particular one would make for a decent pet if Dracula were to be a character that is placed in a high tech, cybernetic world. I am referring to the DALER (Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot), which is clearly inspired by a bat in terms of its design.

This particular robot is the result of hard work by a bunch of scientists who happen to hail from Switzerland. The DALER is an autonomous robot which has the ability to walk and fly on the same appendages, similar in nature to that of a vampire bat – minus the sucking of blood, of course. And no, you will not find the DALER landing on the side of your motorcycle, trying to look for a way to suck up fuel from your two-wheeler.

There are moveable tips at the end of the DALER’s wings, and these tips would enable it to make its way along the ground. DALER will come covered in a kind of malleable fabric so that its wings can fold up as it moves around on the ground. Not only that, it has a decent flying speed of up to 40 mph, although it would not be much to outrun when it is on the ground at 1 mph.

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