ps4-hrdware-large33As at press time, there are at least 18.5 million PS4 consoles worldwide – and of course, not all of them happen to be working since I am quite sure that there would have been some instances of PS4 consoles being spoiled in one way or another. Having said that, this does not detract from the unique number of consoles sold to date – a whopping 18.5 million PS4s have changed homes from being in warehouses to the living rooms of people worldwide. This is a commendable achievement, and it is more or less a guarantee that we can see a next generation console from Sony arrive when the PS4 arrives at the end of the road.

Sony Computer Entertainment claims that out of the 18.5 million PS4 consoles sold, 4.1 million of those sales happen to make their way into the statistics throughout the entire 2014 holiday shopping season, which started from November 23, 2014 all the way to January 4, 2015.

In August last year, that was the last official update from Sony concerning the sales figure of the PS4 console, where it had shifted 10 million consoles then. However, a couple of months after that, Sony’s financial report did point to it shipping 13.5 million PS4 consoles to retailers. Ever since the PS4 was launched in November a couple of years back, Sony claims to have sold 81.8 million PS4 games – this averages out to 4 games per console. Apart from that, Sony has also announced that there are 10.9 million PlayStation Plus membership subscribers around as of January 2nd this year. [Press Release]

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