sony-xperia-z3v-hands-on-3When it comes to Android devices, companies like Samsung are leading the way, and while Sony does make some pretty good handsets, unfortunately they don’t quite have the same market share or popularity that Samsung enjoys. We had previously heard that Sony was thinking about trimming their lineup, but could Sony be thinking about selling off their mobile division?

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that Sony isn’t closed to that idea. Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai had recently made some comments at CES 2015 which seemed to suggest that could be the case. Hirai was quoted as saying, “Electronics in general, along with entertainment and finance, will continue to be an important business. But within that there are some operations that will need to be run with caution – and that might be TV or mobile, for example.”

He later adds, “The mobile and TV businesses both require a drastic overhaul. Without drastic reforms such as joint ventures or alliances, they will both be in the red three years from now.” We should point out that this isn’t a confirmation that Sony will be selling off their TV or mobile division, but rather it shows that Sony’s CEO is open to the possibility that it could be one of the ways Sony could revitalize those divisions.

Given that we’ve seen a rise in stiff competition from Chinese OEMs such as Oppo and Xiaomi, it really seems like Sony could use a new strategy if they are hoping to stay ahead of the curve.

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