ThinkPad-L450-6Many users tend to prioritize their laptops to be both slim and light. This is understandable as laptops are meant to be portable, so safe to say that no one really relishes the idea of slinging around a heavy device all day. However sometimes heavier devices also means that they are more rugged, and if you are after something like that, Lenovo’s recently announced ThinkPad L450 might be of interest to you.

Lenovo is boasting that the ThinkPad L450 has passed military specification testing, meaning that it should be able to withstand a couple of knocks here and there, although we guess as with most electronics, you won’t want to push your luck. However its new mechanical design is supposed to help make it lighter and thinner at the same time.

Apart from a sturdy build, the ThinkPad L450 will also sport robust business and security features. It also has several environmental certifications for users who might be worried about their carbon footprint. As far as hardware specs are concerned, the laptop will be powered by Intel’s 5th gen Core processors and will support up to a whopping 16GB of RAM.

Users will also be able to choose between a 14-inch HD display or a 14-inch Full HD display, standard hard drives, hybrids, or SSD configurations. The ThinkPad L450 will also come with 3x USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, an optional 720p front-facing camera, and removable batteries. It will be priced starting at $699 and should be available starting later this month.

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