Google today announced its new program to ensure that businesses can bring Android devices safely and securely in the enterprise environment. Android for Work will aid businesses who don’t want to issue their employees with multiple devices, they’ll be able to use the same device for both work and business. BlackBerry, the once iconic manufacturer that ruled the enterprise market less than a decade ago, has announced support for Android for Work.

It wasn’t long ago when BlackBerry visibly shifted its strategy from competing with Android and iOS devices in the enterprise market to working with them. The company’s enterprise mobility management software solutions can already be used to manage iOS and Android devices in the workplace apart from its own smartphones.

So its not surprising to see BlackBerry support Android for Work as well. The company has confirmed that it is working with Google to enable BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12 to manage devices that run Android for Work.

BES12 will integrated with Android to provide platform-level containerization, eliminating the need for application wrapping, while allowing users access to Google Now and any and all apps available on Google Play that are allowed by the organization’s IT department.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12 will allow for safe and flexible deployment of Android for Work smartphones and tablets which will all be natively managed within the BES12 environment.

The company has also expanded support of its premium services, BBM Meetings, BBM Protected, WorkLife and VPN Authentication by BlackBerry, these services now work with Android devices in the workplace as well.

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