evolve-3gbAny self respecting game in this day and age would certainly arrive with its fair share of patches after the game’s release – and for a very good reason, too (such as taking selfies, or so we heard). Not only does gameplay gets balanced out, while bugs are fixed, patches also help increase the longevity of a game. Well, since games are rather huge in terms of the data required these days, it is also not too surprising to hear of equally large patches, such as Evolve’s day one patch that is said to arrive at a whopping 3GB.

This 3GB patch is said to introduce general bug fixes as well as make improvements to performance, where gamers who would want to indulge in online matches will first need to download the patch. Of course, not everyone will have to sit through a 3GB download, since the patch size will vary between systems, but 3GB is the ballpark figure, so do make sure that you have performed the necessary preparations beforehand.

This particular patch is said to fix load times in matchmaking and optimize network bandwith, not to mention open connectivity to play nice with the recently released match three Evolve Hunters Quest app. [Press Release]

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