Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch Delayed For PC

Earlier this week, we did bring you word that the Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch would be able to deliver content locked by the companion app, and here we are with additional word on the Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch which will most certainly not go down well with PC gamers. Apparently, the most recent patch would experience a delay for those who are rocking to the game on a PC that […]

Evolve Day One Patch Weighs In At 3GB

Any self respecting game in this day and age would certainly arrive with its fair share of patches after the game’s release – and for a very good reason, too (such as taking selfies, or so we heard). Not only does gameplay gets balanced out, while bugs are fixed, patches also help increase the longevity of a game. Well, since games are rather huge in terms of the data required […]

BMW Closes Security Loophole To Prevent Unwanted Vehicle Break-Ins

The modern day vehicle is chock full of electronics, so much so that their maintenance would require careful calibration as well as specialized equipment – which translates to a higher cost in the long run. Well, vehicles have also gotten “smarter” thanks to the kind of algorithms and systems that they have, and in the case of Tesla, a firmware update – changes in code, essentially, has resulted in a […]

Microsoft Releases Another Windows 10 Patch

Microsoft has just introduced yet another patch for Windows 10, and this time around, it happens to be a security update for the Flash player in Internet Explorer. In the update before this, the patch addressed a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue which tend to rear its ugly head all too apparently for some users. The patch itself is called KB3018943, where it can be downloaded on your Windows […]


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patched Slower To Release Than Expected

Are you a Halo fan? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am rather confident that you would have done all that you could in order to pick up Halo: The Master Chief Collection along the way. This title might be doing well, but it does have its fair share of bugs to watch out for – so much so that the Day One patch itself weighs in […]

Ubisoft Lists All Known Issues In Assassin’s Creed: Unity

It would not be out of place to say that the launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity across all various platforms were free from trouble. No sir, this particular title sure had its fair share of issues, even until now, including unbelievably slow frame rates and the ilk. Having said that, the good people over at Ubisoft has decided to reveal all that is wrong with Assassin’s Creed: Unity, in addition […]

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 Goes Live

A game like Diablo 3 will not grow old too fast, and with the introduction of patches from time to time, it will get more balanced out eventually, closing the doors to any kind of potential abuse (or workarounds) by gamers who have a knack for sniffing out weaknesses in a game’s mechanism in order to take full advantage of it. Well, as promised, Diablo 3’s Patch 2.1.0 has already […]

World Of Warcraft Patch 5.4.2 Now Available For Testing

Do you play with a whole lot of World of Warcraft? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be pleased to know that patch 5.4.2 is now available to test out on the Public Test Realms (PTR). Those who would like to take part in the Public Test Realms will be able to enjoy giving patches a test run prior to its official release. Assuming you would […]

Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.05 Makes Changes To Single Player Campaign

If you are an avid fan of Killzone Shadow Fall just as it is, you might not want to download and install any more patches. After all, why bother to change a winning formula? It is just not done for sure, and you know what they say about something not being broke – there is absolutely no point at all in fixing it. Well, for those who think that Killzone […]

WoW To Implement ‘Connected Realms’ Feature In Patch 5.4

To all things, there is a beginning and an end, and there is no running away from this fact. Nothing can be sustained at its peak for eternity, and the same applies to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, which so happened to have shed nearly half of its peak subscriber base, and now has slightly less than 8 million active accounts. Having said that, the folks over at Blizzard must be […]

SimCity Patch Hopes To Fix Traffic Issues

Each time a particular game or software is released, chances are it will not be the final version, as there will be patches and revisions released down the road to make the software run better and more efficiently. Unfortunately in the case of SimCity, a recent patch resulted in more bugs than fixes. The latest release of SimCity is just like any other city – trouble is never too far […]

Samsung Exynos Exploit Fix Pushed

It was not too long ago when Samsung introduced a fix that helped solve the niggling Exynos issue for affected Samsung Galaxy S3 owners living across the pond – in the UK, to be exact. Well, it is nice to know that Samsung is dead serious in stamping out this particular bug, as the South Korean conglomerate has recently introduced an over-the-air update to T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 that is […]

Resident Evil 6 patch go live tomorrow at 9AM PT

I am quite sure that Resident Evil 6 gamers who downloaded the game instead of purchasing a physical copy of it, and applying a patch after that only to run into issues concerning the game being unable to load, will be quite interested to know that Capcom has already gotten ready an amended patch which will seemingly fix all the loading problems that plagued the digital version of the game, […]

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 available on Public Test Realm (PTR)

Diablo 3’s Patch 1.0.5 is now made available on Public Test Realm (PTR) despite being under development, and as expected, we do know that this particular patch will roll out a new system known as Monster Power that will enable you to adjust the level of challenge that monsters offer with each difficulty level. Not only that, the Infernal Machine, which is an event that will pit players in Inferno […]