Imagine that you’re driving home from the office after a long and hard work day. As you’re driving along you realize that the car needs to be filled up with gas. A quick search will tell you which gas stations are nearby but it won’t exactly point out which of those gas stations are on the route you’re following home. Google Now has fixed this problem. It will now display a card that will show users “Gas Stations On Your Route.” That’s really what the new card is called.

One doesn’t have to be navigating with the app for this card to pop up. Several users who have already seen this new card appear were simply driving so clearly Google Now is making predictions on its own about your direction and your speed to bring up this information.

Obviously its not always going to be completely spot on. That’s the thing about these services but given that dismissing a Google Now requires a simple swipe, its not the card will be any inconvenience.

Nevertheless it does have its uses. Being able to find a gas station along your route is one of the simplest joys one can get while driving, and Google Now is doing its bit to ensure that you don’t miss out.

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