apple_logoGoogle took Apple on when they decided to acquire Android. Apple took Google on when they decided to release their own Maps app, but could Apple be looking to take Google on where they probably shine the most, in search? Well according to a recent job listing, it seems that Apple is looking into it.

The job listing is calling for a program manager who would be overseeing the operations for a search platform that would support “hundreds of millions of users”. Without a doubt and with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo (which is powered by Bing), it would make Apple very, very late to the game.

However analyst Gene Munster has been predicting for the past 5 years that there is a very good chance that Apple could get into the search game, and if this job listing is any indication, that time could be now. However there is a possibility that this could be nothing and could simply be an augmentation of Apple’s current services, such as Siri or the Spotlight feature found on iOS and OS X devices.

In any case what do you guys think? If Apple were to debut a search engine, how would it fare against the likes of Google, or do you think we could be looking at another lackluster launch that was Apple Maps?

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