microsoft picturesqueMicrosoft has their Windows Phone platform, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t see the potential in getting their name and brand out there and if it means creating apps for Android, why not? Earlier Microsoft had created the Next lockscreen for Android devices, and now it looks like they are back again with another lockscreen called Picturesque.

For those who are after beautiful looking lockscreens, Picturesque could be worth checking out. The lockscreen will display images that Microsoft has posted on its Bing website and will be updated daily with new images. Alternatively you could swipe through the various images or shake your phone for a random selection.

It also comes with a Bing search bar installed on the lockscreen, thus allowing you to launch search queries directly via the lockscreen itself as opposed to having to unlock it, launch a browser, and search. However it will be a Bing search so if you wanted to search using Google, we guess you’ll have to go back to the normal way.

Other than that the Picturesque lockscreen will function like any other lockscreen and will be able to provide the user with news, weather, notifications, calendars, and more. If this sounds like a lockscreen you might be interested in, you can go ahead to the Google Play Store and download it for free.

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