voice-paymentJust in case you have not heard of NXT-ID, Inc. before, they are a biometric authentication company that is focused on the growing mobile commerce market. Well, it is interesting to note that the company has just filed a provisional patent 62114357 for DISTRIBUTED VOICE DIRECTED PAYMENT METHOD AND SYSTEM.

This particular patent would see the introduction of a new groundbreaking payment method. You will be able to select payment accounts using voice recognition, while the payment account may be accessed only if the speech (the word associated with the payment account) and the speaker (a biometric) – both of them, are recognized.

Upon recognition, payment will be directed to an appropriate interface, where some of them include Magnetic Stripe Emulation (MSE), Near Field Communication (NFC), or others in order to perform the payment using the selected account. The patent will also bring about the introduction of the concept of “voice cards”, which so happens to be alias names that have been given by a user in order to describe specific private information – credit and debit cards included, which in turn would enhance security as well as convenience.

Similar to many of NXT-ID’s patents, this particular technology will play nice with existing Point-of-Sale (POS) technologies such as NFC and Magnetic Stripe. [Press Release]

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