Qualcomm is doing some damage control today after an entire week’s news cycle about Samsung dropping the Snapdragon 810 and going with its own Exynos processors for Galaxy S6. In a press release sent out today Qualcomm boasts about its customer design pipeline which has more than 60 “premium tier mobile devices” that will use the Snapdragon 810 processor. A couple of weeks back it was also rumored that Snapdragon 810 shipments to OEMs might be delayed due to overheating issues.

When the first rumor was floated Qualcomm was quick to say that shipments were on track. But it kept coming up again and again, even LG rushed to its defence by saying that there were no overheating issues, but the damage had already been done.

That coupled with Qualcomm’s own admission that a “large customer” had dropped the Snapdragon 810 from its upcoming flagship device results in a 13 percent drop in the company’s stock price. It is assumed that the large customer Qualcomm is alluding to is Samsung.

Qualcomm points out that some of the upcoming devices powered by its Snapdragon 810 processor include LG G Flex2 and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro “with many more expected in the coming weeks and months.”

It even got partners like Motorola, Sony, Oppo and Microsoft to chime in, saying that they’re looking forward to delivering devices to their customers that are powered by Snapdragon 810. Unsurprisingly there’s no one from Samsung mentioned in the press release.

The stock has somewhat rebounded today but still its no where as near as it was before all this broke out.

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