robot_vacuum_attacks-590x330We’re sure that Elon Musk and Bill Gates aren’t alone in their concern that AI, while great for technological advancement, is something to keep an eye out for lest we end up in a future where robots have enslaved humanity, or something to that extent. Well it looks like it might have started over in South Korea where a robotic vacuum cleaner tried to “eat” its sleeping owner.

Alright so maybe it didn’t really try to “eat” its owner. What really happened is the vacuum cleaner, which operates on a schedule, that its owner was sleeping on the floor that particular night. So much so that it accidentally vacuumed up its owner’s hair into it, causing enough pain and discomfort that she had to call the Fire Department to come and free her from its evil grasp.

Thankfully the woman was not seriously injured and the Fire Department managed to untangle her from the vacuum cleaner, although we’re not sure if some of her hair could have been lost in the process. We suppose adjusting the schedule the vacuum cleaner is probably next on her to-do list.

However as the folks at Geek point out, it seems that she’s lucky the vacuum cleaner was not the Dyson 360 Eye which would significantly stronger suction and could have potentially caused more serious injuries, although it does seem odd that the vacuum cleaner did not detect that she was in the way and moved around her.

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