samsung selfieThe act of taking selfies isn’t new and we’re sure just about everyone these days has attempted to take one of their own. However when it comes to taking selfies, it seems that Samsung has managed to set a world record. The South Korean tech giant recently tried to break the Guinness World Record the number of selfies taken with 24 hours.

Did they manage to break it? They sure did! In fact according to the statistics, it seems that Samsung managed to convince the good folks in Johannesburg and Cape Town to take a grand total of 12,803 selfies, which is actually about 3,000 more selfies than the previous record, and all within a 24 hour period.

This averages out to about 533 selfies per hour which is actually pretty impressive! All of this was also taken using two devices – the Samsung Galaxy A3 and the Samsung Galaxy A5, both of which were announced last year and are part of Samsung’s new Galaxy A-series of smartphones.

The company also gave out 100 Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 handsets to those who participated in the company’s event, which actually pales in comparison to how many selfies Samsung managed to snap, but either way it is still good marketing for them. This isn’t the first time Samsung has capitalized on the selfie trend, as some of you might recall the Oscars in 2014 in which a celebrity filled selfie went viral.

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