sony a7sWhen it comes to mirrorless cameras, despite the fact that there are so many to choose from at the moment, chances are brands such as Sony and Olympus come to mind. This is because unlike Canon and Nikon’s mirrorless efforts, Sony and Olympus have come up with some truly interesting designs and features.

However Olympus has typically led the way in terms of market share in Japan, but according to the latest BCNrankings, it seems that in 2014, Sony managed to displace Olympus and nabbed themselves the largest market share at 34.3%. This is compared to Olympus who sat at 22.3%, a pretty sharp drop from the year before where it was 26.5% for Sony and 28.9% for Olympus.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Sony’s DSLR market share. Unsurprisingly both Canon and Nikon are dominating in this area. Canon continues to lead the way with a 54.7% market share versus Nikon’s 39.1% market share, and interestingly enough Ricoh came in third at 4.5%.

This is compared to a few years ago where Sony was actually in third place with a 7.1% market share, so to see them overtaken by Ricoh with a 4.5% market share can only mean that Sony’s DSLR market share in Japan has dropped tremendously. However these are just the Japan rankings and might not necessarily be indicative of the rest of the world, but are you really that surprised to see Sony’s mirrorless cameras dominating?

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