sony-xperia-z3-z3v-review-05There have been talks that Sony’s mobile division isn’t doing so well, so much so that Sony is reportedly cutting down the number of phones they release a year, and cutting back on its flagship handsets to just one a year instead of two. However if Sony’s recent financials (via PhoneArena) are anything to go by, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for themselves.

According to the numbers released by Sony, it seems that the company has managed to sell 12 million Xperia units in Q4 2014, netting themselves $80 million in operating profit. In fact the 12 million Xperia handsets sold is a huge improvement compared to the 8.8 million units sold in the same quarter a year before, or the 9.9 million units sold during the summer.

Unfortunately it seems that the company overall still stands to lose about $1.45 billion for its fiscal year, although this was less than predicted as some have credited Sony’s strong PlayStation 4 sales for helping to lessen the impact. Sony’s image sensor business is also to be thanked as many smartphone OEMs, such as Apple, have turned to Sony for their components.

In any case many are expecting Sony to announce new handsets next month at MWC 2015, although whether or not the Xperia Z4 will make it or be launched at a later date remains to be seen.

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