xiaomi logoA couple of days ago we reported that Xiaomi was planning on hosting an event in the US on the 12th of February. It was speculated that this event could be to announce the company’s plans to enter the US smartphone market, and if you were excited about that, it looks like you could end up being disappointed.

According to a Xiaomi spokesperson, they have explained that the event will not be about their plans to enter the US market. “Xiaomi will not be launching in the US or entering the US market this time.” So what will the event be about then? Apparently it is meant for the media “to get to know the company and leadership a bit more.”

However at the same time we can only guess that this will be laying the groundwork for when the company decides to launch their products stateside, which hopefully by then more people (thanks to the media) would already know who they are and would be willing to give their products a chance.

A report from last year revealed that Xiaomi does have plans to expand into the US this year, but we guess the 12th of February will not be it, but like we said it could be the company preparing for an eventual launch. Either way do check back with us on the 12th of February to see if there are any exciting details to be had.

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