Addiction leads people to take drastic steps, steps that might not be considered normal behavior, and yet addiction can make people to these things. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to drugs or your smartphone, if you fear that the thing you’re addicted to might be taken away, you’re likely to lash out. That’s what a 12-year old girl did when her mother confiscated her iPhone. The girl was placed at the Boulder Juvenile Center after she was charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder.

Earlier this week the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado placed the 12-year old girl a the juvenile center after she was charged. The police conducted an investigation that lasted two weeks and now believe that the girl tried to poison her mother twice because she had taken away her iPhone.

The girl’s first attempt involved pouring bleach into a smoothie that her mother drank, though once she noticed the bleach’s smell, the mother chalked it up to poor rinsing of the glass by her daughter.

The second time around she noticed a strong bleach smell coming from a water carafe. She approached her daughter who admitted that she was trying to poison her because of the fact that her mother had confiscated her iPhone.

This surely isn’t the first incident of its kind. About two years back a 14-year old boy killed his mother after she took away Call of Duty because excessive gaming was affecting his grades at school.

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