avast logoOur phones when freshly out of the box or fresh after a factory reset feels fast, it feels lean, and it doesn’t lag which doesn’t come as a surprise since it isn’t bogged down by all sorts of apps or widgets that you might have installed on it. Now if you’re looking to get that experience without having to factory reset your phone all the time, Avast has something for you.

The company has recently announced during MWC 2015 that they have launched two new apps that will not only help clean your phone, but speed it up in the process. The apps are the Avast GrimeFighter and the Avast Battery Saver. The former will basically help clean up trash and unwanted data and information, thus freeing up space and memory in the process. The app is also smart enough to only remove data that is truly unwanted and will not affect the app functionality.

Next up is the Avast Battery Saver, which we guess by the name alone is pretty obvious. Basically it is an app that claims to be able to help save your battery. According to the company’s president of mobile Jude McColgan, “Everyone needs more battery life for their mobile devices – but most battery savers shut down the wrong apps. Avast Battery Saver learns which apps are most important to the user, and shuts down only those that are less used.”

If you’re looking to get your hands on either app, they are available for download via the Google Play Store and will be free to install.

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