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Avast Has Reportedly Been Selling User Data To Outside Companies
When it comes to antivirus software, Avast is probably one of the more popular and widely-used options out there today. However, it seems that if you value your privacy, you might want to take note of a recent investigation conducted by Motherboard and PCMag, in which it has been discovered that Avast has been selling user data to outside companies.

CCleaner Malware Targeted Major Tech Companies
Avast-owned CCleaner is a security app that was used by hackers to spread malware. It’s a pretty popular app with more than two billion downloads. Security researchers from Cisco Talos discovered that hackers breached security to inject malware that was likely distributed to countless CCleaner users. Avast’s investigation reveals that the malware was specifically targeting major tech companies.

CCleaner Security App Used By Hackers To Spread Malware
The last thing you’d expect from a popular security app is for it to end up infecting your system with malware but that’s precisely what happened with Avast-owned CCleaner. With over two billion downloads, it’s easily considered a popular security app. Cisco Talos security researchers have discovered that hackers breached security to inject malware that was possibly distributed to millions of CCleaner’s users.

Avast To Acquire AVG For $1.3 Billion
When it comes to free antivirus software, there are several options that come to mind, such as Avast and AVG. Both companies could be considered rivals in the antivirus scene, but it looks like that will no longer be the case as Avast has announced their plans to acquire AVG for a whopping $1.3 billion.


Avast Unveils New Apps That Could Clean And Speed Up Your Phone
Our phones when freshly out of the box or fresh after a factory reset feels fast, it feels lean, and it doesn’t lag which doesn’t come as a surprise since it isn’t bogged down by all sorts of apps or widgets that you might have installed on it. Now if you’re looking to get that experience without having to factory reset your phone all the time, Avast has something for […]

Android Factory Reset Option Doesn't Completely Wipe Personal Data
Say you have an Android phone that you’re selling or donating to someone. Your first thought would be to delete any and all personal data that you might have. One can do that individually for every document, file, picture and video or one can simply use the factory reset option in the settings menu to wipe the device. That’s what most users do but according to well known security software company […]

AVAST: Fake Soccer Gaming Apps Are Actually Ads On A Roll
Now that the FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in less than a fortnight’s time over in the spiritual home of soccer (the rest of the world calls it football), Brazil, I am quite sure that many of us footie fans have already bought our favorite team’s jersey to wear as a show of support, gone for some basic face painting classes as well as fire up Electronic […]

Avast Community Forums Hacked, 200,000 Accounts Stolen
We’re sure some of you guys have heard about the company Avast before. They make PC security and anti-virus tools for your computers, which is why we have to say that it’s a little ironic to see that the company’s community forums have been hacked over the weekend, with around 200,000 accounts being stolen in the process.According to Avast’s CEO, Vince Steckler, on a blog post on Avast’s website, “This […]

21% Of Windows XP Users Weren't Aware Of Support Cutoff [Survey]
We know that there are many out there who aren’t pleased by Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP. Given that the software is four generations old, it was only a matter of time before support was pulled and it is completely understandable. Avast, the company behind the anti-virus software for computers, was one of those who voiced their displeasure.In a recent survey the company conducted, they found that […]

AVAST Criticizes Microsoft For Abandoning Windows XP
As many of you guys have heard by now, Microsoft will soon be putting an end to support for the Windows XP operating system. Given that the platform is a little more than a decade old and with at least three generations behind, it is understandable that Microsoft would want its users to upgrade to something newer.However it seems that security software company, AVAST, doesn’t seem too thrilled that Microsoft […]