blackphone2Do you remember Silent Circle? The company might not ring a bell, but when you bring into the picture the security-oriented Blackphone, then surely you would remember what that is all about. Well, Silent Circle has just unveiled a couple of new handsets, in addition to what they have dubbed as “the world’s first enterprise privacy platform.”

The original Blackphone was introduced in 2014 to target paranoid entrepreneurs, where its sequel, the Blackphone 2, would also come with a host of similar privacy features, although you do end up with far better hardware – including an octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal memory, a larger capacity battery and a 5.5” Full HD display. While the Blackphone 2 is a prototype at this point in time, it does look as though it is shaping up to be worth checking out when the time comes.

Apart from that, the Blackphone+ happens to be a privacy-focused tablet that has a pending 2015 release date, but other than that, we do not know of anything else about this device. Not only that, all of its devices, future or otherwise, will be tied to the PrivatOS Android-based operating system, which will also comprise of a variety of apps that are stashed into what they call an “enterprise privacy platform.” Seems worth checking out if you happen to value your privacy, don’t you think so?

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