Blackphone is a handset that focuses on security and privacy. It is powered by PrivatOS, a forked version of Android that’s capable of offering secure calling and texting through services installed on the device. It has been developed by Geeksphone with Silent Circle providing communication encryption technology. Jon Callas, chief technology office of Silent Circle, has confirmed that now a “high-end” tablet focused on privacy, control and security is in the pipeline.

Callas didn’t reveal much about the tablet during his interview with CNBC but did say that it will be a “high-end” product with features that people who use it everyday will demand from it.

It too will be powered by the Android-fork PrivatOS with the same secure communication technology found on the Blackphone, though there has been ample reason to dispute its claims of security recently. Nevertheless Callas told CNBC that Silent Circle’s focus remains on “privacy, security and control.”

Price and specifications have not been revealed as yet and analysts expect it to have a hefty price tag, which is why it can be safely assumed that this tablet won’t exactly be replacing iPads around the world. It will most likely exist as a niche product purchased by folks or organizations that really do need a secure tablet.

No word as yet on when this product will be shown off and ultimately sold to potential customers.

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