The last StarCraft 2 title, Legacy of the Void was announced last year at BlizzCon 2014. It is the final chapter as far as the StarCraft 2 titles are concerned, but as it turns out it is also the official end to the StarCraft story. This was revealed by a Blizzard representative to the folks at IGN, although it should be noted it is definitely not the end of the StarCraft franchise or universe.

According to the Blizzard rep, “StarCraft will live on as a universe. We hope to explore some other aspects of the universe, but the storyline that was setup in StarCraft I and continued in StarCraft II will resolve in Legacy of the Void. All of those main characters will reach a nice satisfying conclusion.” What this means is that if and when Blizzard were to announce a new StarCraft RTS, we would probably be looking at a brand new story and possibly new characters as well.

Given the popularity of the StarCraft franchise, especially amongst the eSports scene as a competitive RTS game, we highly doubt that Blizzard will allow the franchise to die off. However it will be interesting to see how Blizzard plans on continuing the universe in the future. With the Warcraft universe, Blizzard basically extended it into an MMORPG in the form of the World of Warcraft.

That being said it might also explain Blizzard’s decision to make Legacy of the Void a standalone game as opposed to another expansion, thus allowing it to be a bigger game and provide a more epic conclusion to the story. No word on when Blizzard will be releasing the game but the closed beta will kick off on the 31st of March.

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