more-chromebooksThe world of Chromebooks is starting to get more crowded, as more and more models are being churned out. Having said that, this can only mean one thing – with a larger array of models to choose from, consumers will have a greater say as to what the next step the Chromebook industry should take. it has been four years since the Chromebook was introduced, and it looks like more models are set to hit the market soon. I am referring to the Haier Chromebook 11 that is available at Amazon as well as the Hisense Chromebook that can be picked up at Walmart. Regardless of which model you decide to pledge your allegiance to, these new Chromebooks will be speedy, lightweight, and come with an all-day battery life with a pre-order price tag of $149 a pop.

Apart from that, there will be the ASUS Chromebook Flip that you can see above. The ASUS Chromebook Flip comes across as a premium, all-metal convertible, and needless to say, it is extremely portable as well, measuring a mere 15mm thin while tipping the scales at under two pounds. The Chromebook Flip will boast of a great keyboard as well as a touch screen that delivers immersive experiences, and will cost more due to the premium materials used – with an asking price of $249 as it hits the market later this spring. Any takers? [Press Release]

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