motorola-droid-turbo-hands-on-1Companies like Sony, HTC, Samsung, and LG release a ton of devices every year. Some of these companies focus on 1-2 flagships followed by a slew of low-mid range handsets designed to capture the rest of the market. If you were hoping to see Motorola follow suit, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be the case.

During a recent interview, Motorola’s CEO Rick Osterloh stated that the company’s strategy in the near future will not be changing as they will be sticking to releasing just a few handsets a year. According to Osterloh, he was quoted as saying, “We’re definitely not interested in going in a million different directions.” He did however promise that new products will be launched later in the year.

According to Osterloh, “We’ll be launching more products in the later part of the year.” It is unclear as to what kind of products we might be able to expect, but chances are we could be looking at a new Moto X (it is 2015 after all), maybe a new Moto G, and possibly new smartwatches. However those hoping to see Motorola create their own brand of wearable software will be similarly disappointed as Motorola will be sticking with Android Wear.

Osterloh stated during the interview that creating their own software would be a terrible idea. That being said it seems that despite being acquired by Lenovo, Motorola’s plans for 2015 appear to be similar to that of 2014 which may be a good/bad thing depending on how you look at it.

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