redditReddit plays host to a lot of information on the internet and in some ways can be considered one of the larger forums on the internet at the moment. Some of the information is a bit weird and disturbing, some of it funny, and some of it useful where people can come together to share information with one another.

Now for webmasters who are looking to integrate Reddit into their websites, you will now be able to in the form of embeddable comment threads. This is a feature that was recently announced by the company and as the name suggests, it lets you embed comments from a particular Reddit thread onto your website.

Users can choose which comments they want to embed and it will show the comment followed by the replies to it. This lets you pick and choose particular comments that you might find interesting, such as during a Reddit AMA session in which there is a particular question/answer that you want to point out to your readers.

This is a feature that has been in beta testing for months and is similar to Twitter’s embedded tweets. Thankfully the feature is only available for public subreddits so if you’re a member of a private subreddit, you can rest assured that your comments can’t be embedded onto websites (although there’s no stopping someone else from taking a screenshot and posting it online).

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