walking-dead-humble-bundleLet’s face it – the world is either going to end in one of two ways – through a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear war, where either one would mean many of the human population being wiped out in an instant, although the fallout of a nuclear war might not be as heart pounding as that of a zombie apocalypse despite the fact that it is a by far the more plausible option. Well, where’s the safest place to hide, then? Scientists have mulled over the question, and Cornell University researcher Alex Alemi, who happens to be a statistician, has come up with a shortlist of safer places to ride out such an event.


He and a team of other Cornell researchers would include rigorous scientific methodology with the fantastical. In fact, it is said that the kind of thought and work put in will not be too different from how researchers approach hypothetical outbreaks when it comes to real diseases.

He did mention, however, “Zombies are unique and very different than other diseases in that victims of other diseases either get better or succumb to the disease. But zombies are the undead. They don’t get better. And the only way to stop them is for a human to kill the zombie. With other diseases, no matter how many infections you model, the disease is not going to infect every single person. But in the zombie model, you really can turn every single person into a zombie.”

Alemi continued, “New York City would fall in a matter of days, but Ithaca, where I am — it would take weeks for the zombies to make their way up here. It would be a situation where you’re watching chaos on television, but where you are everything would remain unchanged.”

I guess you know where to buy your next property!

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