sony teaser cosmosEarlier this week a certain Sony Xperia Cosmos handset was leaked online. The phone has yet to be officially announced but could we be hearing about its announcement in the very near future? It turns out that it might be a possibility, thanks to a recent tweet by Sony Mobile France who has teased an upcoming smartphone announcement.


According to the teaser, Sony Mobile France added a tagline that reads, “Une éclipse solaire aura lieu demain matin. Nous sommes déjà prêts… et vous ?” This roughly translates to, “A solar eclipse will take place tomorrow morning. We are already ready… and you?” Given that we’re talking about solar eclipses and whatnot, the Sony Xperia Cosmos does sound like a likely candidate.

Of course some are probably hoping that it might be the Sony Xperia Z4, but Sony did state that they will not be announcing the handset anytime soon although it is pegged for a release before September 2015. However if Sony does announce the Xperia Z4 we reckon it would be a pretty nice surprise, but we would think that Sony will want to make a slightly bigger deal out of it.

In any case it shouldn’t be too long until we learn about the upcoming Sony handset, so if you’re wondering what it is that Sony is teasing us with, do check back with us in the next day or so for the details.

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