trackr-bravoThere is nothing quite like seeing a particular idea or project move from the conceptual stage to being realized in the material world, and what used to be an Indiegogo project, the TrackR Bravo, is finally reality. In a nutshell, the TrackR Bravo happens to be a device which will be able to assist one in keeping track of one’s valuables – coming in handy if you happen to own a fair number of baubles that would put a small country’s crown jewels to shame, and yet do not have the mental capacity to keep track of your collection.

The TrackR Bravo has just been launched, where it is a Bluetooth-powered device item tracker. It is a wee bit taller and thicker than a quarter, but this $29 aluminum TrackR will remain stuck to items that you would want to keep track off – be it on your keys, in your wallet, or even on your pet’s collar. Working alongside a corresponding iOS and Android app, depending on which platform you are more comfortable with, the TrackR Bravo will also be accompanied by adhesive stickers for easy attachment to items like remote controls and the ilk.

Do expect to be able to keep track of your items within a range of 25 to 40 feet, with a lot of it depending on the kind of structures that are between your smartphone/tablet and the radio.

Filed in Gadgets.. Source: techcrunch