As mindful as we’d all like ourselves to be, there are times when we’re either too busy, too stressed, or simply too forgetful to remember where we have placed certain belongings, such as our phones, keys, wallets, tablets, and so on. So wouldn’t it be great if we had a tracking device that could help point us to where our belongings are?

trackr bravoWell that’s where the TrackR bravo comes in. Now we should point out that there have been plenty of tracking devices released in the past, but what makes the TrackR bravo different from the competition would be its design, which is sleek, small, and incredibly thin. In fact as you can see in the image above, it’s only slightly thicker than a coin, meaning that you could carry a handful of them on your without any issue.

Due to its slim nature, it can be attached to pretty much anything, like your keys, wallet, laptop, and even on the underside of your bicycle in the event that someone stole it, so you can track it down and find the thief with the help of the police. The inventors of TrackR bravo have even created a community around it to allow for crowd tracking, so if you lose your item in a mall or at school, the TrackR community will be able to help you find it if they are in that area.

trackr bravo 2The TrackR bravo also comes with a button, so when paired with a smartphone, it causes the phone to ring when you press it so that you will be able to find it. This might come incredibly handy when your phone might have fallen behind a table or in between the couch cushions, or places you might have otherwise missed.

Now if this sounds like a pretty cool idea you’d like to get on board with, the TrackR bravo is an Indiegogo project seeking funding, so if you’d like to help out, head on over to its website for the details, or check out the video above.

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