Fans of the Warcraft franchise and universe are no doubt familiar with the Orc Grom Hellscream and the axe that he wields, Gorehowl. After Grom’s death, the axe was then passed to his son Garrosh Hellscream who made his appearance in the World of Warcraft games as the leader of the Horde (temporary).

The axe is rather iconic in nature as it was the axe used by Grom Hellscream when he defeated and killed the demon Mannoroth, essentially freeing his race from the demon’s hold. To celebrate the weapon’s iconic stature, the folks at Man at Arms decided to recreate it in its entirety which we have to admit looks very impressive.

Of course they had to make some compromises as we reckon the actual weapon would be a bit too heavy and unwieldy to the common man, so one of the changes they did was to make the head of the axe hollow. Since we reckon that the weapon was meant more for display purposes rather than actual warfare, we suppose the hollow head shouldn’t really matter.

This isn’t the first time that Man at Arms forged weapons from the Warcraft universe. Previously we had seen them recreate Frostmourne which was wielded by the Lich King. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the forging of Gorehowl in the video above.

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