cardboardMany of us happen to operate on a particularly tight budget each month, and this would also mean careful spending in areas where it is not deemed to be necessary. Having said that, the Google Cardboard is a new way of introducing virtual reality on the cheap, which would certainly lead to the issues of clones, of course. Having said that, Google has also gotten that bit covered with certification for Cardboard clones already been announced.

After all, the Google Cardboard has proven itself to be a massive hit among early adopters, where a really affordable and approachable device will help open the door to more people being able to enjoy their very first virtual reality experience without having to break the bank.

This new certification program will unify all of those clone headsets, bringing them under a single badge that is known as “Works With Google Cardboard.” Following a bunch of guidelines as well as letting Google take a gander at your headset, will see Google certify a manufacturer’s headset design, letting the world know that it will play nice with all Cardboard software without missing a beat, now how about that? At least developers will feel rewarded with this initiative, and it might see the proverbial envelope pushed even further forward then.

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