Trinity01Last year Alienware unveiled their new Area-51 gaming PC which safe to say looked a little weird. It was not designed like your standard tower PC and featured a rather odd look, albeit an interesting one. However it looks like that crown has since been stolen by the folks at CyberPower whose Trinity desktop has gone from prototype to production.

As you can see in the image above, the CyberPower Trinity is not your standard gaming PC. It features a very unique design and was shown off earlier this year at CES 2015. At that time ,the device was in its prototype stages but has since gone on to production and is now available for customers to configure to their liking and to place their orders.

trinity_innardsSo what’s with the design? Apart from aesthetics, the Trinity’s three blades actually serve a purpose, one of which is to maximize cooling. The second is that they have been split up into different sections so that each section gets it own cooling scheme. There is the Performance Blade which will contain the GPU and where users can mount several HDDs or SSDs.

There’s also the CPU Blade which houses the motherboard and the CPU, naturally, and there’s also the Storage Blade where all the storage for the computer will be kept. It’s a pretty clever design and its modularity reminds us of Razer’s Project Christine. There are different configurations that users can choose from and it will be priced from $955 up to $1,795. If you’d like to learn more or start configuring your PC, hit up its website for the details.

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