Exoskeletons are a great idea in helping humans augment their natural strength, and if used properly, a person could end up having the strength of 10 men or even more, depending on how the entire exoskeleton has been designed. In fact, we just talked about the Ratchet Exoskeleton Boots that helps make walking more efficient, although this DIY exo-suit does more than just aid one in his or her walk.

Youtuber “The Hacksmith” has decided to go ahead and make the exo-suit that you see in the video above. Needless to say, it has been inspired by the very exo-suit which was worn by Matt Damon in the movie Elysium. Currently testing out his prototype, he managed to lift 170 pounds of concrete and steel without too much effort. The entire exo-suit has been built on a backpack-like frame that will boast of pneumatic cylinders which are connected to an air compressor for power.

The frame itself is constructed from perforated steel, and will feature some square tubing, and a festo valve bank that helps to regulate the air pressure. The pneumatics have been rated for 250 psi, while the existing compressor operates at 125 psi. it is believed that the lifting capacity could be doubled should a stronger air compressor be installed. What next for him – repulsor blasts?

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