windows-xp-shutdownI am quite sure that just about everyone knows of the nuclear disaster over at Fukushima, Japan. Well, here is an interesting snippet – it looks as though the Tokyo Electric Power Company (otherwise known as TEPCO in short), who happens to be the operator of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear energy complex, has been informed that they should ensure all of their 48,000 Internet-connected PCs should migrate to a newer operating system platform – pronto – rather than to still run on Windows XP.

Yes sir, you read that right – Windows XP, none other than the venerable operating system from Microsoft. TEPCO was recently probed by Japan’s Board of Audit, which happens to be an organization that looks through the finances of Japan’s government and government agencies. The Board of Audit have shown an interest in TEPCO simply because Japan is looking to the company to fork out the relevant amount of money when it comes to cleaning up the carnage left behind by the Fukushima disaster.

It looks like the 48,000 PCs which run on Windows XP were not upgraded due to cost constraints, and upgrades might even have been deferred all the way to 2019, which certainly does not bode too well for the company taking into consideration how all official support for the operating system has ended quite some time ago.

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