japan maglevAs some of you guys might have heard, Japan is building a new maglev train system that would supposedly be faster than their Shinkansen train system and according to an announcement by JR Central, it seems that the train has managed to shatter its own record set back in 2003 which was 361mph.

The top speed that the engineers managed to get for the train was at an impressive 366mph which is close to 590kmph for those using the metric system, a speed which we can’t even wrap our heads around. However it seems that this record might not last very long because the company is hoping that come next Tuesday during their next round of testing, they are hoping to push the train’s speeds past 372mph (which is close to 600kmph).

Now before you get too excited at the possibility of riding a train that travels that fast, it seems that regular passengers like you and me won’t get to experience these exhilarating speeds. Instead JR Central plans to slow the train’s speed down to the 313mph mark for when the train goes into operation, which we suppose is fair since it would be more stable. Japan’s maglev trains are expected to go into operation come 2027 when the route between Tokyo and Nagoya opens up.

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