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Verizon Wireless has come under fire for its ad-targeting program that uses something called “super cookie.” It’s basically undeletable tracking codes that aid the company into targeting advertisements to its customers. While Verizon has said multiple times that it doesn’t share information with third parties that could identify its customers the privacy concerns have not died down. Now finally the company is providing people with a way to opt out of Verizon super cookie.

The super cookie, also referred to as the unique identifier headers or UIDH, can persistently track a user’s browsing history even if they’re in incognito mode which doesn’t let standard cookies be saved on the device.

Verizon can thus use the information it gathers to target ads to customers even if they used incognito mode throughout all browsing sessions. The company has said back in January that it will come up with a way to allow people to completely opt out of the super cookies.

Now it has. To opt out of Verizon super cookie call the company at 1-866-211-0874 or head over to its website to opt out by yourself.

The company says that once a customers opts out of this it will stop inserting the super cookie and it will no longer be able to target ads to them based on their browsing history.

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