silent hills

We first got word earlier this week that the Silent Hills Playable Teaser or P.T. for PlayStation 4 was being removed from the PlayStation Store. It was then confirmed by Konami that Silent Hills has been cancelled so there’s no need to keep P.T. around any longer. P.T. has been pulled from the PlayStation Store so if you didn’t download it before you won’t be able to get it now, however the teaser will remain accessible to some.

As it turns out if you added P.T. to your PlayStation Network account before it was taken down by Konami you will be able to re-download it even if you deleted the teaser after trying it once.

Those who installed and deleted the teaser before it was pulled from the PlayStation Store only need to go through to the PS4 Library and access the game page to re-download it. Once its downloaded the teaser is fully playable as before.

Unfortunately there’s no recourse for people who didn’t get their hands on P.T. before Konami took it off of the PlayStation Store as they won’t be able to download or play it now, unless of course they’re willing to spend $1,500, because that’s how much PS4 units with P.T. pre-installed are going for on eBay.

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