It’s possible that you pre-order a game when it’s first unveiled but over the following days you decide you don’t want to spend your money on it. What do you do then if you have pre-ordered it through Sony’s PlayStation Store? A new policy has been enacted which does allow PlayStation Store pre-order refund but there’s a catch.

The refund terms are slightly different depending on the type of content purchased from the store. With the exception of a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription, it will not be possible to get credit back for a purchase once the game has been played or even if it has only been downloaded. The only way you get your money back is if you don’t download the game in the first place.

Customers will have up to 14 days from the purchase date to ask for a refund on a pre-order, but they will only be eligible if they haven’t started to download or stream the content. This includes pre-loading as well. Eligible customers will get the money back in their original payment method.

What if you’re claiming the refund for a game that’s already released, a DLC or a season pass? There’s still a 14 day window from the date of purchase if you shouldn’t have downloaded or played the content. In this scenario, the money won’t be refunded to the original payment method, it will be provided as PSN wallet credit. Sony advises users that they should disable the “Automatic Downloads” feature so that they don’t invalidate themselves automatically from getting a refund.

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