We’re sure many of you guys have at one point in time come across an inconsiderate parker who might have either double parked you, or parked in such a way that two spots are taken. Instead of fuming over it and waiting for that person to come back, it seems that there are now robots who can help deal with the situation.


These flat robots have been designed by European researchers. Dubbed AVERT – which stands for Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool – these are robots that can roll itself under the wheels of the car, lift it up and move it away. While it was designed for law enforcement use where suspicious vehicles could be moved away autonomously, we wouldn’t be surprised if it could also be used to deal with jerk parkers.

The original plan was for AVERT to be able to move vehicles away that are suspected to contain hazardous materials or bombs. It makes it ideal to be used in tight spots where a regular tow-truck or a bomb-disposal robot might not be able to get it.

Basically how it works is that the robots wheel themselves to the base of the vehicle’s wheel. From there they will lift the car up by about an inch, and thanks to AVERT’s built-in wheels, they will be able to wheel the entire vehicle away without any issue. It’s a pretty clever idea and if you’d like to see it in action, check it out in the video above.

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