Going camping is usually a pretty dirty activity as you’d have to sleep in the wild, do your business in the wild, and the idea of washing your clothes and having fresh ones to wear, well that really depends on how well you pack. However if you’d like your camping trips to be a bit more comfortable, the the Drumi washing machine from Yirego is the perfect answer to your problem.

Unlike most washing machines, Drumi uses no electricity at all. It does require some power and that is human power as users will have to continuously stomp on a pedal to get Drumi working, but depending on how long you want the drum to spin for, it will just be a few minutes worth of work.

How it works is that users will put their clothes inside the drum. They’ll cover it with a cap, pour some detergent on top of it, and flush it down with water. They’ll then put another lid on top of the drum, step on the pedal and they’re good to go. The pedal basically spins the drum inside the device, much like a washing machine does.

There’s even a button you can press to release the dirty water, and if you want to spin dry your clothes, just keep stepping on the pedal until you think it’s just about done. It’s one of the more clever ideas we’ve seen not to mention pretty green too and a great way to keep your bills down. Drumi is only expected to begin shipping to customers in July of 2016, but you can pre-order it via Yirego’s website for $129.

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